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Reading with your child is important!

No matter the age, reading with your child should be common practice because it is one sure way to make sure your child succeeds in school and in life.

Start young! Children benefit from being read to or simply looking at pictures within a story. An infant can listen to the sound of your voice, point to pictures, or identify names of objects within a story. A toddler can ask and answer questions about a story, start read small words, and identify why something happened within the story. All these skills build a childs comprehension of a story.

Make it part of a schedule! Reading with your child should be an everyday occurrence. The easiest time to read to your child is right before bed. This allows your child to "whine down" and you to have some quality time with them (maybe even some cuddles).

Repeat if you need! It is okay to read the same story with your child MULTIPLE times. If your child requests a book over and over, the book might speak to the Childs interests or skills. Be patient and try to slowly introduce different books of similar interest.

For more information, check out the link below.

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