PMPL is a Fine Free Library

Pocono Mountain Public Library became a Fine Free library in September 2020, and is the only Fine Free library in Monroe County.  There are no longer daily overdue charges for items patrons borrow that belong to PMPL.  All prior overdue fines for items that belong to PMPL are being forgiven and cleared away. Patrons will still be billed for items that are never returned or are damaged.  If you never return an item, that's called library theft  Lost item or damage fees for PMPL items can only be paid at PMPL.  

Items that belong to other libraries that are checked out at PMPL will still accrue fines.  PMPL cannot waive fines for items that belong to other libraries.  Fines for items that belong to other libraries must be paid to the owning library.  If a patron loses or never returns an item that belongs to another library, the patron must reconcile any fines or fees with the owning library.  

Books, magazines, music CDs, audiobooks, and VHS all circulate for 3 weeks with 2 automatic renewals.  Popular DVD movies circulate for 7 days with no renewals.   All items must be returned to the library by their system due date.  Items that are not returned to PMPL by the due date will be considered lost at 21 days and will be billed to the patron account.  You will receive emails from our Spark system reminding you when things are due, so make sure your email is current with us. 

Chromebooks and Wi-Fi hotspots circulate for 2 weeks with no renewals, and have an immediate non-returned fee of $25 per day, which is removed as soon as the item is returned. Chromebooks and Wi-Fi hotspots can only be checked out by residents of Coolbaugh Township and Mount Pocono Borough, and can only be picked up and returned at PMPL.  


Most of the time, PMPL only purchases one copy of the books or movies in the collection.  If a patron does not return borrowed items, then no one else gets to use those books or movies.  The library works because we all share!  In 2019, patrons checked out books, movies, or other library materials 20,839 times.  That's a lot of sharing!

Patrons can return PMPL items at any library in Monroe County and it will go into transit and get returned to PMPL in a few days.  Please note that Eastern Monroe Public Library (EMPL) and it's branches, and Clymer Library are all Spark cooperative libraries, and your items will be immediately checked in and show your account is clear if you return items to those libraries.  Patrons can return items for any Monroe County library at PMPL and it will be returned to the owning library through our District Delivery.  Non-Spark system library items cannot be checked in immediately and may not show item status until those items reach their owning library.  


PMPL CANNOT WAIVE FINES OR FEES ON OVERDUE OR LOST OR DAMAGED ITEMS THAT BELONG TO OTHER LIBRARIES. This includes items that belong to any other library that was obtained by a patron through hold requests or ILL requests and was subsequently borrowed using a PMPL card.  PMPL is the ONLY fine free library in Monroe County.  Overdue fines accrued on items that belong to any other library that were checked out on a PMPL card are still binding. If a patron returns an item that belongs to any other library at PMPL, the patron will have to pay any overdue fines or lost  or damage fees on those items at the owning library.  

Please let us know if you have any questions about overdue fines from the past or returning long overdue items.  We want everyone to get their cards cleared up so they can use all our collections! 

Call 570-894-8860 x 3 for questions and help.