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R. Dale & Frances M. Hughes

Community Meeting Room

CT public meeting
7-2-19 Wildlife
9-11-19 Watercolors 2

Please call for information about reservations for the community room. 

Some Covid-19 restrictions may still apply.  We still recommend masks and social distancing, and appreciate if people who are sick avoid community events.  

The R. Dale & Frances Hughes Community Room is a large conference room on the second floor that can be booked for large or small group or business meetings, as well as private parties. The rooms all have power point screens, access to power point projector, tables, chairs, and Wi-Fi.  Details vary and it's helpful to discuss your needs with the Library Director, Ann Shincovich.   Arrangements and a contract for using the room must be executed.  The library has for-profit and not-for-profit fees.   


This spacious room has been used many times for special events, corporate job fairs and training, regional business meetings, public meetings, voter polling location, craft events, music events, private receptions, baby showers, family reunions, community events, and more!  All use of the community room is prioritized first by library programs and then by availability for community oriented events and/or educational programs.

At this time, the library does not allow food or beverages in the room for hygienic purposes, and the library only schedules use of the room during regular library hours.  These are evolving practices as we come out of the pandemic.

Please call the library for details and scheduling information at  570-894-8860 x 5 or email Ann Shincovich, Library Director, with "meeting room reservation" in the RE line of the email at

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