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PSA - Amazon opt out deadline for mesh network using existing Echo and Ring accounts.

You may want to check out this information on the amazon mesh network called "Sidewalk" that is being created using the Echo and Ring security devices. Users of relevant Amazon products like Ring and Echo need to opt out of this development by June 8, 2021. You may decide you like the new Sidewalk program from Amazon, but you may decide it's not for you. Read up and find out what you should do.

"The feature works by creating a low-bandwidth network using smart home devices such as Amazon Echoes and Ring security cameras. At its simplest, it means that a new Echo can set itself up using a neighbour’s wifi, or a security camera can continue to send motion alerts even if its connection to the internet is disrupted, by piggybacking on the connection of another camera across the street. Other devices that don’t need a high-bandwidth connection, such as smart lights, pet locators or smart locks, can use Sidewalk all the time."

Learn more here:

And here:

"Ring owners with an eligible device can opt out by visiting the control center in the Ring app or Ring website. Customers who own an eligible Echo device can make changes in Settings in the Alexa app."

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