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Find Articles on Power Library!

Here are brief instructions on how to find articles through Power Library. There is a YouTube video to go along with this blog post. Click on this link:

First, visit our website:

Second, click or tap on ‘Research & Databases.’

Third, select “Power Library.” This will take you to various databases under the Power Library umbrella. There are 35 databases to choose from.

Once you select the database you want, a password screen will appear. Don’t worry, all you have to do is put in your library card barcode.

From there, you can search for articles relevant to your topic. You can choose whether you want magazine articles, academic journals, books, or news. Next, type in a topic in one of the search boxes.

From there, you can browse the article titles. Just click on the article title to read it. If it’s relevant to your topic, the database will show you how to cite the article. You can choose from MLA, APA, Chicago style, or Harvard.

Power Library is available to our patrons and to anybody in Pennsylvania who has a library card. If we are not your home library, contact your local library and ask how you can use Power Library.

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