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Chomebooks & Hotspots available to check out @ PMPL!

PMPL library patrons who reside in Coolbaugh Township or Mount Pocono Borough can check out the Google Chromebooks and T-Mobile wireless hotspots that we obtained using CARES Act grant funds. A wireless hotspot is a small device that allows you to connect any wi-fi enabled device that you have, like your iphone, android phone, laptop, tablet, etc, to the internet. The T-mobile hotspots we have can be checked out for 2 weeks at a time and provide unlimited data. There is a pretty good T-mobile network in our area, so most of our residents will be able to get a strong signal. We can show you how to use it. It's easy and is a great way to get online if you need more signal, don't have internet service, or just need a device for a busy household.

The Google Chromebooks we have are also funded by CARES Act grant money. A Chromebook is a little different from the classic laptop because it runs on the google android technology. It is very easy to use for going online, preparing documents, etc., and we can also help you get started if you need. A lot of our local school kids at PMSD got Chromebooks for their schoolwork. But maybe you need another, or you want to learn how to use it yourself. Once you get used to it, it's amazing! You can sign in with your own gmail profile, or use it as a guest browser. Either way, you have access to a nice Chromebook that can be checked out for 2 weeks at a time.

Check out both a hotspot and a chromebook for a really robust internet experience! Our Chromebooks are "wiped" off after you bring them back, so security is not an issue. The hotspots are secure too. Just ask with any questions.

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