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Book Bundles Now Available

This month, Pocono Mountain Public Library will be introducing Book Bundles. Return the books when they are due and you keep the activities and crafts! These bundles will be geared towards ages 3-8. The bundles will be categorized based on holidays within the month. Included within the bundles are books and activities about the theme of the bundles. The three bundles this month are as follows:

January 14th-International Kite Day Book and Craft Bundle includes:

  • The Magic School Bus Rides the Wind by Anne Capeci

  • Biscuit Flies a Kite by Alyssa Satin Capucilli

  • The Berenstain Bears Do Their Best by Stan & Jan Berenstain

  • The Emperor and the Kite by Jane Yolen

  • Build your own kite instructions

  • Kite coloring and letter making activities

  • Math and sight words activities.

January 17th-Martin Luther King Jr. Day Book and Craft Bundle includes:

  • People of Character: Martin Luther King, Jr. by Tonya Leslie

  • Ana & Andrew: Martin's Dream by Christine Platt

  • A Lesson for Martin Luther King, Jr. by Denise Lewis Patrick

  • A Sweet Smell of Roses by Angela Johnson

  • My Brother Martin by Christine King Farris

  • Peace Craft

  • Writing and coloring activities.

January 25th-Opposite Day Book and Craft Bundle includes:

  • Marta! Big & Small by Jen Arena

  • A High, Low, Near, Far, Loud, Quiet Story by Nina Crews

  • The Berenstain Bears: Big Bear Small Bear by Stan & Jan Berenstain

  • The Lifesize Animal Opposites Book by Lee Davis

  • The Opposites by Tom MacRae

  • Opposite Bingo and Scavenger hun

  • Opposite face craft

Come pick up your Book Bundle today!

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