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April Changes - two years and two weeks in the making

We are so glad to be finally shaking off almost all of our pandemic restrictions. We closed on March 13, 2020, and April 1, 2022 is a real spring awakening! The library is no longer closing in the middle of the day for cleaning and lunches, and masks are now recommended for most library services. We are still requiring masks for anyone attending a children's program to help protect our youngest library kids. It is such a joy to have the library almost running like normal, and we've even put almost all the tables and chairs back. We've been making a lot of new cards and more and more people are coming in! Please join us for one of the many programs and events that Annmarie and Joe have coordinated. There is a lot to do and getting out of the house and doing something fun is perfect for this time of year! See our newsletter link for more information.

We are especially excited to bring back a patron favorite: the bead bracelet program with Jill Elizabeth of Liztech. Patrons really love this creative and social event. It's a lot of fun, so register now!

Jill Elizabeth Bead Bracelet workshop in 2019

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