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Budget Stalemate Hurts Libraries, Others AND YOU

We are all so used to malfunctioning government and the game of politics. But our PA legislators are still supposed to make government happen so that all agencies and our lives run smoothly. If they aren't leading, then what are they doing? There is an ongoing budget stalemate between the PA legislature and including the Governor. They did not effectively pass the budget in the summer as they are legally required to do. This creates a budget stalemate in the 2023-2024 fiscal cycle. It's all well and good if the legislature and governor create budget priorities, even "pass" their own budgets. But if they don't actually pass the law that allows for the disbursement of government funds, then many agencies, schools, community colleges, and libraries are hurt. We all operate with lean budgets and deficient operating funds. When there is a hit on our funding, it can take years to recover. Please reach out to our local legislators: Senator Rosemary Brown at 717-787-6123 or as well as Representative Maureen Madden at 570-894-7905 or Ask them to please stop messing around and pass the fiscal code bill for education so that your local library can get it's funding and continue to operate and provide services to the community. Attached is a really informative article by SpotlightPA that helps explain this issue that has been largely hidden from sight. There is nothing worse than malfunctioning government which wastes time, money and resources. It affects all parts of our lives.

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